• Duration 4 days – 18 hours Doctoral School equivalent
  • Language English
  • Name of the teachers Bertrand Legeret, Stephan Cuine, Fred Beisson, Y Li-Beisson
  • Administrative head Eric Pilet
  • Number of students Group of 2-4 students

This workshop will provide a scientific basis for lipid biosynthesis and metabolism in algae and plants, offer an over-view on the current technologies that are used to analyze lipidome. Students will gain a hand-on experience in algal cultivation, lipid extraction, analysis by TLC, GC-MS and UPLC-MS/MS/. The workshop will be composed of a couple of lectures (theoretic and technique), and mostly laboratory work.

Students prerequisites

  • Safe procedure for working in the laboratory, and basic analytical skills

At the end of the workshop, the student will be able to extract lipids from any sample, quantification of lipid classes and fatty acid species by GC-MS.


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