An international microbiology training for Ph.D students


Conference “From the scientific discovery to the industry”

Service partenariat et valorisation, Alain Roussel & Aziz Moqrich

Joseph Aiguier Campus – Marseille– December 16, 2021

What is bioluminescence, in 5 minutes?

Fluorescent, phosphorescent, bioluminescent… Do you know the difference? 
Laurie Casalot, a researcher at the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (MIO), tells us about it! (in french)



«Nature is to be found in her entirety nowhere more than in her smallest creations»

Natural History (De Rerum Natura) – Pliny the Elder


Short video clip of the Plinius Cursus

Joining IM2B’s Plinius Cursus program is a guarantee of success for a winning doctorate and a training that prepares you for an international career!

Open to all doctoral students at the Institute of Microbiology, Bioenergies and Biotechnology (IM2B), this unique program offers a unique bilingual (English/French) and individualized training. Consisting of workshops supervised by professionals, practical training on many platforms, seminars given by the best specialists, the program aims to expand and improve your knowledge and skills as well as your professional network. It also opens you up to the worlds of business and international research.

Joining the Plinius Cursus is an opportunity offered to all IM2B doctoral students enrolled in the Doctoral Schools of Life and Health Sciences, Chemical Sciences, and Environmental Sciences. It is a complementary training to those of the doctoral schools adapted to the disciplines of the institute. 

Thanks to the Plinius Cursus, doctoral students have access to dedicated training and join a more targeted community. They benefit from a variety of scientific events (theoretical workshops, practical trainings, tutored seminars, etc.), as well as professional, social and IM2B network events in which they can actively participate and/or organize (JSM3, student life, young researchers seminar, etc.).

The Plinius Cursus program is in constant evolution in order to best meet the needs of our doctoral students.

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